Wea are a coastal surveillance leader with over 150 installations around the world

Who We Are

Coastal surveillance system leader with over 150 installations around the world

Coastal Surveillance system leader based on facts

150 installations worldwide, nearly 200 partners on 5 continents, a technical alliance with Furuno and major projects like coastal monitoring for the US Navy in Africa makes us a leader in coastal surveillance solution over the past 15 years. IALA Council has accepted our application for Industrial membership submitted on 4 December with effect from 1st January 2022.

From marine navigation to coastal monitoring

From marine navigation to coastal monitoring

Over 30 years ago, we started our activity offering a cutting-edge solution to navigators to improve their security, comfort and performance. Today, while over 25.000 vessels are equipped with our technology, the need for efficient and affordable coastal monitoring system became evident to us. Managing the increasing amount of data and traffic is a worldwide issue nowadays. Designing a solution with the pragmatic point of view of operators makes the usability and resources allocation a strategic choice.

Furuno Technical partner and Our expertise

Our expertise

Because of our prominent position in the marine navigation sector for decades, marine instruments and environment are our expertise. Our purpose is to offer a customized installation for specific projects while making it easy to monitor. Get an overview of the vessel traffic system deployed in El Salvador for a great insight into a customized installation.

Technical alliance with Furuno

Technical alliance with Furuno

Our strategic alliance with Furuno makes it easy for us to identify the most accurate and up to date instruments for your project. We make sure that all the components of an installation are fully compatible to design a comprehensive and efficient installation while avoiding any mistake.

we are never far from you
We are never far from you

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Wherever you and your project are located be sure we will have experts nearby who can help you with the right recommendation nearby. While the internet is our meeting point today, you can get a professional from our team to listen to your needs as well as locating an expert in your area to make our recommendation as concrete as your project is.